"I live my life flying by the seat of my pants. In a structured SPONTANEOUS way!"

I packed my car and moved to the beach with no plan in 2016. Lived with an older couple in their 70's. I was scared s***less. It was the BEST experience of my life! You may have noticed by now, I am not a cookie cutter Photographer! I edit in my pjs, shoot engagement sessions without make up, and drop a few f bombs because im so excited!
Bring your favorite drink, let's go and do your fave activity, and DEFINITELY bring your dogs.  

For all the individuals that are fine in the rain, or hiking for a couple days to find the perfect spot. For the individuals that have a travel bug, a burning desire for the memories of the moments and adventure, the ones who are willing to go out of their comfort zone to try new things for a unique experience. You are my kind of people!

I give you a gallery of photos that I would want from my wedding day. There is no half ass editing, no corner cutting. I touch each and every image with love/time. 

Intimate, edgy, vibrant, and lots of depth is what you will see in my images. BUT it is the background work that makes it that way. I'll make you laugh, make you cry, encourage you to play games with your significant other in order to capture those candid lifestyle like images. Just trust me... I gotchu.

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"I CAN'T SAY ENOUGH how great it has been to work with her, and i'm excited for her to shoot our wedding day." 

"I immediately fell in love with Kay Eileen Photography. I was overwhelmed with how many wedding photographers are out there, but Kayla's work felt unique and fresh. When she did our engagement photos, I was initially nervous, but she made us feel comfortable and kept it fun. The photographs turned out great, better than I could have hoped for. She has been a great help with trying to plan a wedding during a pandemic, and when we changed our plans multiple times, she was willing to work with us. I can't say enough how great it has been to work with her, and I'm excited for her to shoot our wedding day." 

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Besides always having a camera in my hand, here are more things about me....

I love the great outdoors. Camping, hiking, paddle boarding, count me in!
Check out my latest adventures on the blog

 I can talk to anyone and anything, and am drawn to individuals who love to travel as much as I do!! My favorite places I've been so far is Florence Italy, Gatlinburg Smokey mountains, Nashville Tennessee, Savannah Georgia.

I am a coffee over tea kind of girl! But I’m a little bouijee with it. I only make caribou coffee at home. Let's schedule a virtual coffee date.

to get creative. To celebrate love and create art.

the time is now...

Let’s do the damn thing

ready to document your love story in each new chapter:

" Kayla did an amazing job with our engagement session! Not only did she take the time to get to know us both but she made our shoot totally fun! She really knew how to pose us so we didn't look or feel unnatural. Definitely will be recommending to our family and friends!" 

- Mitch and Mackenzie 

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© 2019-2024 Kay Eileen Photography | Designed by Branded By Bernel