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Are you wanting to bend the rules of the norm? BE unique, put your own twist on things? Who says weddings need to be traditional.. We are about as far from traditional as it gets! Elopements are a hot trending topic in the photography world. The term elopement has many many definitions, and honestly.. you can define it however you want too! 

Welcome to Kay Eileen Photography, Wandering + Eloping, photography specialty services. We have a long laundry list of the amazing places you could get married! A GIANT guide to hold your hand through the planning process, as well as the same fuel and fire in our eyes as you! What are you waiting for?! Text or face time me already, let's start planning!

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Hi friends, it's me, KP!! 
I'm going to start off and say, I suck at finding the words to describe myself in a way that would give you a decent mental image of who I am... and I find 'about me' sections a weird way to try to convince you of how amazingly professional and fruity people are.. Quite honestly that's not me. 
I am the type that blends the line between friend/photographer because it helps me document you in the most natural way possible! I photograph any kind of wedding, in any place of the world. From courthouse to Italy, just you to 500 people

I'm a midwest girl that had a dream to travel the world with my dog. I find meeting new people extremely easy. I can have conversations with just about anything. I'm pretty direct, and extremely empathetic. I will more than likely cry of happiness on your wedding day, and have zero shame.

I don't care too much about peoples opinions, or bending an occasional rule to get the photo I need for my client. I stand my ground, follow my passions and encourage everyone around me to do the same. If I'm not working, I'm probably laying in bed watching movies, reading a book
, or I'm lost somewhere in the woods hiking hoping I don't run into a bear.

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"My mission is to make your wedding | elopement vision/dreams a reality! I want it to feel as if you are along side a friend capturing one of your best milestones."

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©2020 Kay Eileen Photography | Designed by Branded By Bernel