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When you hear the phrase "wedding planning" im sure the nerves start up a bit! It can feel super overwhelming! Have no fear, KP is here! I am here to give you vendors reccomendations, help create a timeline, carry your stuff, carry the tissues, and so much more. Wedding photographers do SOOO much more than photograph the day! Our team is your own personal pack mule, time keeper, therapist, body guard, and most importantly your personal HYPE CREW. Think of us as your besties!

Welcome to Kay Eileen Photography, Wandering + Eloping, photography specialty services. A GIANT guide to hold your hand through the planning process, as well as the same fuel and fire in our eyes as you! We want to make your dream wedding come to life, and give you memories to look back at forever!
What are you waiting for?! Text or face time me already, let's start planning!

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Hi friends, I'm Kayla, or better known as KP!!
I'm going to start off and say, I suck at finding the words to describe myself in a way that would give you a decent mental image of who I am... I'm an energizer bunny, outdoorsy, unique human. 
I tend to blend the line between friend/photographer because it helps me document you in the most natural way possible! I started photographing wedding on accident.. and fell in love with being a huge part of making people happy during these moments. ANYWHERE you want to get married, count me in! Photography is an art, no two artists are the same. Neither are weddings!

I'm a midwest girl that had a dream to travel the world with my dog. Strangers are just friends you haven't met yet! I will more than likely cry of happiness on your wedding day, and have zero shame.

Working with me means gaining a new bestie, making memories, and laughing a LOT along the way. 
I'm so glad you're here! And cannot wait to chat!


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"My mission is to make your wedding | elopement vision/dreams a reality! I want it to feel as if you are along side a friend capturing one of your best milestones."

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